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— Gregg L, CEO

“Delivered on every promise - and then some!”

Employee Appreciation The Right Way

     PEOPLE - are the most important asset of any company.  Most businesses simply cannot function, without the human component.  Taking the time to show appreciation and reward employees for the hard work they do, is vital to morale, loyalty and in the end - the success of the company!

     An Amazing Twist Productions will make the entire experience one everyone will be excitedly talking about...until the next one!


     Typically, the largest and most highly anticipated event of the year, for many companies!  One of the best ways to show company appreciation - it's a time for everyone and their families, to get together, for fun and enjoyment.

     Whether you just want to enhance old favorites, or you want us to design and create a whole new and exciting experience - you are in the right place.  You're going to absolutely love this!


     Our holiday events are truly epic!  We work with you to custom design for the holiday, or any theme imaginable.  Always fresh, original and filled with great memories.  The end result - NO ONE will want to miss out!


     It's the recognition of achievement!  The presentation of praise, promotions  and highly coveted awards and prizes.

     We work with you to customize an event that will help you to achieve your vision and goals, in the most memorable ways!  Always unique and original - the possibilities are limitless.  Whatever you can imagine, we bring to life...with our special TWIST!  YOU win!

Trade Shows

& Grand Openings

     Protect your brand!  Whether you are planning a trade show to showcase a new product, service, or your entire company or location.  You NEED the right help, to get it done right - the first time!

     An Amazing Twist Productions will design and create an event that will help achieve whatever goal or purpose you may have.  Let us show you how.


& Team-Building 

     Build a better, stronger, more positively charged and inspired team!  Reinforce company and team loyalties.  Increase overall efficiency, as well as productivity.

     An Amazing Twist Productions has developed programs that are some of the most successful and effective in the business.  We don't just make people "feel good" for a day.  We provide real tools, to maximize long-lasting results, everyone will benefit from.

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