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The Greatest Memories Begin Right Here

     Don't confuse us with the typical, local, backyard barbecue or birthday party companies.  That's simply NOT who or what we are.

     An Amazing Twist Productions is the go-to source people turn to, when they are looking for much MORE than "average".  We take your ideas, themes, visions, dreams...and bring them to life, in the most amazing ways.  In the end, our involvement always means one thing - complete event success!

Dream Weddings

     Once-in-a-lifetime moments require a company you can absolutely count on, to deliver the right results!  We don't take that lightly.

     Every bride has their own personal vision and dream, of their special day.  They have been thinking about it, for most of their lives.  Our focus and attention is on fulfilling the vision and bringing the dream, to life!

     Our wedding team may help you in ways you may never have considered.  Our most popular, exclusive, featured service, being a DAY-OF CONCIERGE service for the bride.  Pampering. Making sure schedules and the day are as smooth and stress-free, as possible.


     Mozeltov!  The day has finally come.  Your young adult has come of age and worked hard, getting to this day.  Now, it is time to plan for the celebration - and enjoy!

     With An Amazing Twist, your Bar or Bat Mitzvah will be like no other!  We work closely with the family, to design just the right theme - and choose all the various features.  Then, we add our signature TWIST - and carefully coordinate, bringing everything to life!

     You are in the best hands possible.  We have been fortunate to have designed, performed and produced literally hundreds of Mitzvah's, all over the country.  Always mindful of the religious significance that goes with the occasion, we take great care to highlight THAT accomplishment - and produce everything tastefully.


     Are you ready for some football???  Our Superbowl Parties and events have grown to epic proportions.

     Whether you are hosting for fun, or profit, An Amazing Twist Productions will customize your event - to fit your unique vision, venue, budget and goal. 


     So, let your imagination run wild!  Consider possibilities as large as you​ can imagine - and budget can handle.  One room, or an entire venue.  Consider multiple types and sizes of viewing media, themed rooms, entertainment, games, contests, prizes, live music, sports or other celebrities.  Ready?


     An Amazing Twist Productions has spent over 30 years, working with some of the largest, charitable organizations in the world.  It has been our sincere pleasure, raising MILLIONS, to help save and improve the lives of others.

     We can help with every aspect, including developing alternative ways of covering the costs of our services, so it doesn't take away from the cause.

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