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Professor Twist is perhaps the most INCREDIBLE entertainment experience you may ever be a part of.  An EXCLUSIVE brand, style and form of entertainment, you simply won't find anywhere else.  World-class performances.  Skills and experience perfected nationally and internationally, working with some of the biggest names in the world - for over 30 years!

Your guests will be raving about THEIR event experience for years to come!

Welcome to Mad Twist Entertainment Labs!  A whole new level of crazy, interactive, hands-on, instructive entertainment...with a huge dose of mad science.  Family-friendly performances for ALL ages!

PERFECT for classrooms and after-school programs (3rd grade - 8th grade), summer camps, corporate events, private events and so much more!  Professor Twist brings our unique entertainment laboratories to life - electrifying imaginations, creating energy, excitement, laughter...and memories that will last a lifetime!

One-time performance or month-long, weekly packages, are possible.  Find out what we can do for you, today!

INTRODUCING...Xtreme Balloon Magic!  This is NOT your average brand of balloon twisting entertainment by any means.  

Professor Twist's unmatched skills are legendary.  A combination of Interactive, Stand-up and Physical Comedy...and the fastest, most creative and advanced balloon twisting skills in existence.  Experience gained over 30 years - designing, creating and performing for Disney, Warner, Universal, Cruise Lines, Resorts, Stage, Television and so much more!

PERFECT for ALL ages and events, anytime, anywhere.  Stage, Strolling... or experience one of our exciting, HOW-TO, INSTRUCTIONAL shows.  You're going to love this one!

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